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We are proud to offer a quality candleholder manufactured in the United Kingdom to suit almost any shape or size of candle.

Candleholders for Ball Candles
A variety of candleholders for ball candles.
Candleholders for Dinner Candles
A huge variety of candleholders, candlesticks and candelabra for dinner candles.
Glassware for Candles and Tealights
A range of glass candleholders, hurricanes and votives.
Metal Saucer Candleholders
Classic, simple and versatile metal candleholders that can be used for a variety of candles and are very safe.
Church Pillar Candleholders
A range of candleholders designed to hold a specific diameter of church pillar candle safely and securely.
Spiked Candleholders
Candleholders with spiked saucers that are suitable for a variety of sizes of pillar or ball candles.
Unspiked Candleholders
Candleholders suitable for any size of pillar or ball candle.
Unity Candleholders
A selection of Unity candleholders for use in wedding ceremonies.
Bottle Top Candleholders
A selection of candleholders to fit the top of a bottle.
Driftwood Candleholders
Candleholders that will screw into wood or driftwood.
Floor-standing Candleholders
Tall, free-standing candleholders for pillar candles.
Wall Sconces
Wall-mounting candleholders for dinner candles, pillar candles or tealights.
Candle Accessories
Candle extinguishers (snuffers) and sharpeners.